Noise Study & EIR

Noise Study and EIR


Dublin High School Expansion EIR | Waller Skate Park Pilot Program | Union City Transit Oriented Development

Dublin High School Expansion EIR
Dublin, CA

The Dublin High School planned a large scale expansion of their exiting facilities including construction of new buildings and renovation of others. As part of the project, an environmental impact report was required to determine the extent of any impacts on the surrounding community, most of which were residences.

RGD Acoustics performed site noise measurements to quantify noise levels for normal school activity which included car traffic, sporting events and general sounds from campus activities. Calculations of future noise levels from school activities at the new facilities were made (including noise of construction). Recommendations were made where impacts were found to be significant.

Client: LFR and Placemakers

Waller Skate Park Pilot Program
San Francisco, CA

The Waller Skate Park is a new community skate park that is located on the western edge of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The site is currently being used for a number of community events including farmers’ markets and the off the grid food truck event.

Existing residences near the Skate Park are concerned about noise so the City agreed to study the effect of the Skate Park on noise levels in the community. RGD Acoustics performed “before” measurements to quantify noise levels at nearby residences and is then going to perform measurements once the Skate Park is up and running. The results will be presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Client: San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department

Union City Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
Union City, CA

RGD Acoustics was hired by the developer of this affordable family housing project to evaluate potential noise and vibration impacts from nearby road and rail traffic. TOD projects are environmentally preferred due to the proximity of housing to transit, thus reducing need for car trips. However, the proximity of these transit facilities can adversely affect noise levels for residents of these developments.

RGD Acoustics performed noise measurements and calculations of future vibration in order to determine if noise and/or vibration levels would exceed applicable City, State and HUD standards. A report was prepared that provided recommendations on sound rated building elements (windows and exterior walls) that needed to be incorporated into the building design to allow the project to comply with the applicable standards.

Client: MidPen Housing Corporation