Industrial – Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Santa Theresa Water Treatment Improvement Project, Phase 2 | Marysville Ring Levee

Santa Theresa Water Treatment Improvement Project, Phase 2
Santa Clara, CA








RGD Acoustics was hired by the Water District to monitor noise from a newly refurbished water treatment plant. The project consisted of upgrades to the existing water treatment facility to allow for ozonation of drinking water. RGD Acoustics was tasked with monitoring noise from the new facility to show conformance with applicable local standards.

The project site was in relative close proximity to residential neighbors so noise monitoring gear was deployed at several locations. The noise monitoring was performed over several days and included both sound level acquisition and audio recordings for verification of noise sources.

Client: Santa Clara Valley Water District

Marysville Ring Levee
Marysville, CA

The Marysville Ring Levee project will reinforce an existing levee system that has seen under-seepage, through seepage, cracking and boils. Modifications include construction of slurry walls and stability berms.

Existing housing is in close proximity and abutting portions of the levee. RGD Acoustics was hired to monitor noise and vibration levels as per U.S. Army Corps of Engineer specifications. RGD Acoustics’ work involved deployment of seismographs and sound level meters along the construction route to quantify noise and vibration levels. Weekly reports were provided to the contractor who in turn, submitted the reports to the Corp of Engineer.

Client: Magnus Pacific Environmental and Geotechnical Construction